Now many people use Wi-Fi internet connection instead of the expensive wireless internet connection. The Wi-Fi is also a wireless internet connection which is easy to bear and mange. Because you need a router which you need to use and it remains under your control. You need to convert an internet connection to Wi-Fi. Conversion from one internet connection to another internet connection (Wi-Fi) is possible when you set up setting in the router. There are some steps what you need to follow for the conversion. When you buy a router, you will get the instruction manual. Every manufacturer of the router shares the instruction manual for helping the user for the installation the router and setup setting.

The username, password and IP address what come with the device are default things. You need to us all of those things to login to the router. It is found that many routers’ manufacturer set username and password are same and “admin” is the common and username and password for most of the networking devices. For the settings to the router for the Wi-Fi, you have to login to the router, then you can setup settings. You have to go for the setting after completing few steps and that step starts from installation.

The first required for the router is installation. You need to connect the router to the computer. Because the settings for the router can be possible from the computer. That is why you need to connect the router to the computer. You can connect these two devices by the data cables (USB/Ethernet). The router does not work until it gets power. By the power adapter, you will supply the electricity. When these connections are completed, you will start the next step settings for the Wi-Fi. But you need to use the IP address, username, and password for login.

Start a browser what you need to use for accessing the setting page and login to the router. Some users make some mistakes from beginning. They use “ wireLess settings” on the browser address bar. So, when they want to go to the next step, they click on the Go button from the browser but the browser cannot complete the request for the error. The command on the browser is incorrect. The user should use the IP address only on the browser address bar and then they should press enter button for reaching to the next step.

When the users do not reach the to the next step, then seek help from other sources like a search engine. On the search box, they type “ wireLess settings”. As the user used the incorrect keyword, so it also makes a problem. The search engine cannot identify all keyword where “ wireLess settings” is typed. The search engine cannot identify any good result for the wrong keyword. The user finally does not get any solution. It is always recommended to use the correct keyword. As if you can the right result what you need actually. We will fix the false “ wireLess settings”.

In the keyword “ wireLess settings”, you will find different keywords and those are IP address, username/password, and wireless settings. For the wireless settings in the router, you have to login and you do not need to use these keywords together. You will use these keywords step by step. On the browser address bar, type the IP address and when you press the enter button, the login form will pop up where you use “admin” in the both places of username and password. Now press the Enter button and you will login to the router.

The settings of the router are possible when you log in to the router and you can complete all settings from the home page. On the same page of the router, you will get the wizard tool. Usually, the wizard tool is available for the home routers. You just turn on the wizard tool and keep putting settings related information step by step. You can setup setting manually also. However, if you follow the instruction manual or read the instruction manual first before starting the setting. If you have completed the basic for initiating Wi-Fi, then you can save it and restart the router for checking. You have to setup setting of the router for security.

The security setting for the router gets the highest priority. Because if you do not setup setting for the Wi-Fi, then it is very easy to hack and anyone can access your Wi-Fi network until you give a strong password and enable all of the options for securing the router and Wi-Fi. For the securing the Wi-Fi, you need to enable encrypted security which is WPA2-PSK. You should enable this feature. Now change the default SSID network name and give a different SSID network name what must not match with your family members name. You must set a password for the Wi-Fi and make sure that the password is very strong. If you make the password for 11-digit long and use letters (upper and small case), numbers and characters, then it is very hard to break. After security settings for the Wi-Fi are completed, then you have to save settings. Do not keep the router near the window. If you do this, then the range of the Wi-Fi network will also cover the outside. So, it hampers the security. You can use the MAC filtering method for giving more security to the Wi-Fi. If you enable the MAC filtering method, then you can disable unknown devices to connect to your Wi-Fi network. So, you are safe.

Now you have to secure the router but it is not always necessary and it is not also an important thing. If you change the default username and password, then you have completed the security for the router. Some people change the default IP address for increasing the security of the router. It is not necessary but if you do this, you have included another option for securing the router. The IP address change is not necessary until you face the IP address confliction problem.

You know now how to do all setting and how to secure the router. The security of the router is the very important thing which is the immense part of the setting the Wi-Fi and router. In the manual of the router, you may get all necessary instruction related instruction. I think, you know now how to setup setting completely and you will not face any problem. You can contact the ISP to know more information about settings and related information.